倒れたクルド人被収容者の救急搬送を入国管理局が拒否した今年3月12日夜の事件現場は、#FREEUSHIKU メンバーの手記と島崎ろでぃーの写真にとらえられている。

収容なき社会のために、ここにいるすべてのひと、ここにくるすべてのひとのために。このzineの収益は100% 支援活動にもちいられます。



#FREEUSHIKU is a group of activists who have been supporting the detainees at the Detention Centers run by Japan Immigration. In this zine the handwritten messages by the detainees surviving the torturous detention and the activists’ words appear side by side. The battle of the May 12th when dozens of Kurdish refugees and other citizens of Japan held an all-night protest in front of the TOKYO IMMIGRATION in Shinagawa is captured by a photo by Rody Shimazaki and a witness report by one of #FREEUSHIKU members. On that night, TOKYO IMMIGRATION refused to let a severely ill Kurdish detainee get on an ambulance. This zine is dedicated to the cause of a society without detentions and concentration camps, for everyone who is here and everyone who comes. All profits made by the sales of this zine will be used to support the detainees.